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Custom Cinematics to Showcase You






We create cinema-quality scenes for your demo reel, but we like to call them showcases because that's what they're meant to do; keep the focus on you.

What makes us different?

What our clients say...

We're not just a reel service. Our award-winning team has been honored by the Russo brothers and our films have placed in festivals across the globe. Not only do we love being behind the camera, but many of us here at Miso are actors and have been in projects for Marvel, Netflix, Hulu, FX, and more. That means we speak a common language when working with you and most importantly, we know what works.

There's no point in spending the time or your hard-earned money on scenes that do nothing to showcase you as a performer. With us, you'll always get the highest quality material and we'll work with you to create your dream role. That's the Miso promise.

Why do people love your reels so much?

Our big secret is that we don’t just get you on camera, we show casting directors and producers you already are the types of roles you want to get. Think about how much more powerful that is and how much easier it'll be to get the audition when they don't have to imagine you in the world of the story any more, they already see you in it.


With our method, you’re proving to them before you ever walk into a room that you can give the performance they’re looking for.

What do you shoot on?

We don't really get caught up on the technical but if that matters to you we shoot on some very nifty cinema cameras. They record in 6k resolution natively, exceeding the industry standard 4k so your footage is future-proof. We shoot all of our scenes in raw codecs that give us maximum quality and color fidelity for post production.

Camera is all that matters to make a good reel, yeah?

Not so much. High resolution and high fidelity footage looks polished and professional, but what makes a stand-out reel is story. Story beats everything else 100% of the time and if that isn’t there to lay a strong foundation, a scene will fall flat. That’s why we have award-winning screenwriters to create a scene that best showcases you and your strengths.

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